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10/23/2018 10:31:44 AM

I've been cross referencing my filters against ThinkorSwim and my StockFetcher screens are blowing ThinkorSwim out of the water ($$$$$$$$). Anybody else seeing this as well???

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10/24/2018 10:25:11 AM

SF is pretty great compared to alot of scanners out there. The ease of use keeps me here. I really miss the backtesting we use to have tho. I don't want to have to learn a programming to trade.

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10/24/2018 3:20:37 PM

Yes, when SF removed our back testing tool it hurt them in keeping subscribers. Normally, an important tool like that you try very, very hard in retaining it. They should have kept it at least for their higher level subscribers. It tells people whether their filter they have created here is useable and a decent one to use for investing. Instead, they chose to remove the tool altogether and force their subscribers to go elsewhere’s to use this tool. Lol, when you do that, you have now encouraged their subscribers to try other sites. When that happens, you lose a certain % of their subscribers to go to other places to do their work permanently. It’s like if a person subscribes to a news service but to get pictures you must go somewhere’s else to get that. I don’t think you will retain many subscribers when you lack key elements that keep a subscriber happy. Just saying.

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10/25/2018 4:24:51 PM

I have been using this site for around a week and must say that I am very impressed. I appreciate that having no backtesting is a down side but using the site, creating filters and viewing charts quickly is really intuitive and simple. This forum is also very helpful and full of great threads. I think the functionality is very powerful and the basic subscription great value for money compared to many other sites

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12/6/2018 7:54:07 PM

I like it here, ditto on back testing thoughts.
still though,...I've gotten good at simple filters here, but definitely struggle with more complicated ones that I'm sure others find pretty easy but I don't write code, I turn wrenches and manage other wrench turners...
what does it mean when verbiage in my filter is in green text?

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