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8/26/2018 1:45:28 PM

I've downloaded to my hard drive using a youtube download software. I watch it over and over from time to time. One should just clear their mind of every Indicator and Oscillator not that they don't work. To me Indicators and Oscillators are just more background noise that give one analysis paralysis.

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8/27/2018 9:58:24 PM

Code for thinkorswim users:

declare upper;

input price = close;
input displace = 0;

def length3ema = 3;
def length15ema = 15;
def length30ema = 30;
def length60ema = 60;

plot avgexp3 = ExpAverage(data = price[-displace], length = length3ema);
plot avgexp15 = ExpAverage(data = price[-displace], length = length15ema);

AddCloud(avgexp3, avgexp15);

plot avgexp30 = ExpAverage(data = price[-displace], length = length30ema);
plot avgexp60 = ExpAverage(data = price[-displace], length = length60ema);

AddCloud(avgexp30, avgexp60);

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8/28/2018 9:15:31 AM

johnpaul, thanks for posting the TOS code. I am using this study, and highly recommend it to other TOS users.
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8/28/2018 7:03:42 PM

I realize that this is self-serving, but I created a moving filter that utilized three lengths of the center of gravity (COG) filter, combined using passband filters as the input for an ALMA filter. The resulting filter is being utilized by a large number of subscribers because it excels at signaling confirmed tops and bottoms. You can find information on the process and the indicators at If you have any question please send them to Michael

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9/1/2018 8:25:40 PM

Great video Mac, very informative and easy to understand. Thanks for sharing!

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9/2/2018 12:00:48 AM

Thanks push5280. Its a very good video I think. He explains it very good.
I have found that the EMA(17) cross above EMA(50) is usually where the 2 groups separate .

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9/2/2018 10:02:30 PM

Not too shabby 15 day performance if you traded the top listed stock. Looks like a 10% allocation per trade would keep you invested in the top stock each day as you cycle through. Interesting.

not otcbb
not etf
close 15 days ago above 1
count(volume above 50000, 21) 15 days ago equals 21
ema(17) 15 days ago crossed above ema(50) 15 days ago
add column historical volatility(100) 15 days ago {hv100}
sort column 5 descending
set{hgh, high 15 day high / open 14 days ago}
add column hgh
chart-length is 3 months

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