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12/31/2017 3:22:55 PM


Sorry, I was answering the same question as Four about " show how many days a stock has shown up on a filter" but apparently that is not what you really wanted.

SF users can probably help save you time and some manual data entry if you can provide more concise clues as to what data you actually want in Excel and what you are doing with it in Excel.

Best I can tell from your more recent posts you now want either 1 or 2 months of your filter results data for all stocks loaded into Excel, apparently to do backtesting you can't accomplish in SF, or you want 1 or 2 months of data in Excel for a single stock only on past days it had a filter hit, to do the backtesting in Excel.

If you use Four's suggested approach you will be able to see clearly which days in the past any stock has met your filter as long as it meets the filter on the day you run it, so then you will know which specific days to manually load CSV files which should save you some time.

Plus, if you copy all of your downloaded CSV spreadsheets into separate tabs of the first downloaded CSV spreadsheet, For the Same Stock, you should be able to use workbook formulas across multiple spreadsheet tabs to more easily process the data.

Another approach would be to set up your filter to have its results sent to you nightly, already structured as a CSV file, so from now on all you have to do is open it and copy to your master spreadsheet in Excel. There is 1,000 symbol limit on that approach. (Personally, I use the HTML email format and just copy the data I want into Excel without messing with a CSV).

There may even be some backtest type of analysis that can be done using SF capabilities that you haven't tried but that would require some additional info from you on what kind of backtesting you are using Excel for.

Hope this helps some,
Ed S.

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1/1/2018 1:04:02 PM

Awesome! Thank you everyone for your input, and especially four for his answer to my question.
Here's hoping we can all make some money in 2018!

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1/1/2018 1:15:29 PM


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1/2/2018 8:40:25 AM

HI Ed,

You hit the nail on the head. Basically what I am doing is trying to dial my filters in to the point where they give only a few plays per day but the plays they do give are almost...almost guaranteed winners. Then once I do that I manually backtest them. This involves me loading all the plays into a spreadsheet manually, and manually checking the draw down and high close over the next 3 days after it hits the filter. This gives me an idea of the percentages I can expect to have to hold through (draw down) and profit I should hold out for. It's tedious and time consuming but I need to see how the filter reacted to atleast the past earnings season. So having a mass CSV with all the hits over the past few months all together would save me alot of manual input into excel. But you brought up some good ideas for me to try. Thanks again for the replies!

StockFetcher Forums · General Discussion · Probably a dumb question<< 1 2 >>Post Follow-up

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