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12/18/2017 8:18:28 AM

Is anyone else having an issue with the My Filters section not working correctly? Basically over the past few days I haven't been able to organize my filters. I like to put my most trusted filters at the top in ranking order depending on backtesting results. Lately when I go to organize and move a filter up or down and hit save it doesn't change the order. I've even had an issue where it's deleted the filters above the one I am trying to move up. Luckily I have all the logic for them backed up in a word document. I've tried using multiple browsers and even on my phone so I don't think it's my end...

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12/18/2017 9:23:43 AM

I was just able to move a filter upward successfully and it saved the new order. I got out of My Filters and went to Forums read a post and went back to My Filters and the new order was in effect.
Ed S.

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12/18/2017 10:46:25 AM

Hmmn thanks for the reply. Must be something on my end then.

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12/18/2017 2:52:05 PM

SF is acting shoddy again.

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12/18/2017 2:54:11 PM

Don't ask S.F. to help. Their response would be, because there is not enough people complaining about this problem it doesn't merit the time and trouble in fixing it. Oh sorry, am I complaining about the service, my bad :-)

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12/18/2017 4:59:41 PM

Well I'm complaining... need to know whats on my filters!!!!

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12/20/2017 10:04:51 PM

I can't save changes.

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12/20/2017 11:38:46 PM

I canít save changes either

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12/21/2017 12:33:21 AM

Same issue here, can't save any filters or create a new one.

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12/21/2017 12:58:51 AM

Send an email to support.

I already did but hopefully they wonít ignore it if they see itís a widespread issue.

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