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11/4/2017 3:51:05 AM

Inadvertently, I posted this request on the general forum. I think it should be posted here on filters exchange.

Can any one, please help me code this filter?
I would like to get charts of any list of symbols, like the one I created on the following SYMLIST, as a sample.
I like to glance at the weekly candle, if any meet the criteria.
The purpose: at the end of the week before the options market closes, if I see a candle that is colored different (met the criteria) this week that is closing, I may want to buy a straddle or strangle in he money or next out of the money, hoping that the symbol will break up or down. I don't want to guess which way, but see if the move on the next 30-50 days is profitable on the call or put side.
When properly coded ( if could be done) I will post it public. In the months ahead i will trade it with real money (one contract to begin) and share the results.
It is not my idea but a trader here in Las Vegas does it with currencies ETF's. he coded his charts on TRADE-STATION. I don't have access to the code, but was selfless to give me the strategy rules.
I will appreciate your help.
Hugo "

[or any other list of symbols]

[show all symbols on the previous list but color the candle (any color other than green white or red) where the range (high of week - low of week) is less than half of the average 20-weekly range (previous 20-weeks). In other words the candle of any week that meets this requirement, the body is colored different]

chart-display is weekly
chart-time is 1 year

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12/10/2017 10:27:26 PM


chart-display is weekly


set{c, x/2}
add column x
add coluMN C

SET{HALF,Count(weekly day range below c,1)}
draw half

I dont think you can have a different colored candle but you can indicate it at the bottom of your chart.
This should point you in the right direction.
The 'weekly day range' surprisingly seems to work .
I have used it before for other purposes.

Hope this helps.

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