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6/18/2005 12:47:09 PM

cegis (or anyone else); I read all this fantastic info (and know it can come into play for myself as well), but got dizzy after awhile trying to find a specific item.

Normally, the Performance column shows the return from the specified time up to the current/last close, and for each stock. While clicking the Performance label at the top of the column gives a way of determining how the portfolio from the filter results performed over a variety of days, it doesn't show the Performance of EACH stock for those time frames.

If my criteria/filter specifies an occurrence for 30 days ago, is there a way to have the Performance column show how each stock had performed after, say, the next six days (ie 24 days ago)?


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11/24/2010 10:42:01 AM


Something the new folks could benefit from.

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10/31/2013 10:09:40 PM

DOINK to the TOP !!!


"cegis" ... always so clever ... always so smart ...

... so able to torture the SF code into things none of us even imagined possible at the time (circa 2004) !

And, perhaps most importantly ... always so humble and willing to help the rest of us learn from your "stuff" !

"cegis" ... you are missed !!!


THIS THREAD ... as well as your "if / then / else" post ... on Avery's "Complete Logic" thread have influenced EVERY scan I have ever written (from that day forward) here on SF. Of course, I would be remiss to not also mention the "Complete Logic" Avery Horton thread.

To this day, I still marvel at the use of "logic" ... and the ingenious design of some of those seemingly simple yet powerful code phrases ... you and Avery revealed here ... years ago !

I have become ... and remain an unapologetic COPYCAT !!!

Thank You !!!


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6/15/2016 5:38:33 PM

WOW!!! After SOOO many years! I blush!

You're Welcome...

- Cegis

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6/16/2016 3:58:53 PM

It looks like Cegis is in the same SF pantheon as The Rumpled One & Chetron.

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