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2/28/2015 1:15:35 AM

A few years ago I joined a website that gave members access to a trend following system. Unfortunately, the service was eventually discontinued. The idea behind the system was simple yet, profitable. Buy 10 stocks during a confirmed market uptrend, and short 10 stocks in a downtrend. The trend confirmation dates were as follow, 8/1/ 06 uptrend, 3/1/07 downtrend, 4/5/07 uptrend, 4/23/07 downtrend, 10/10/07 uptrend, 11/8/07 downtrend, 5/16/2008 uptrend, 6/27/2008 downtrend, 5/5/09 uptrend, 5/21/10 downtrend, 10/4/10 uptrend, 8/4/11 downtrend, 1/19/12 uptrend.

This may not be as simple as it sounds. But, perhaps someone here can crack the code that confirmed the shift in market direction. If so, that would solve the first half of the equation. The system did not employ any stop loss or limit orders. All 10 stocks were sold and bought following the trend confirmation date. From experience, each of these changes in trend produced a profit in the portfolio. Any ideas?

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3/1/2015 11:35:35 AM

Anyone that can predict the market direction does not need any other system, but as far as I can tell the system does not exist.

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3/1/2015 12:01:39 PM

If I had to guess, the system is probably the price going below a moving average like price < ma(200) for downtrend or maybe a fast ma moving below a slower ma, like ma(50) < ma(200) is downtrend and ma(50) > ma(200) is uptrend.

Lots of whipsawing at tops and bottoms but some follow these basic signals for trending with long term success.

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3/1/2015 8:43:34 PM The ultimate market timing system.It just doesn't get better than this.Thank you to Kevin for posting.

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