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5/26/2014 10:44:01 PM

Hello, Does anybody like to share their filter for shorting stocks.
I have been looking around but can't find anything.
Thank you.

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7/4/2014 10:46:44 AM

My advise is not so much a filter as it is instructional.

First, you must make sure the general market is in a downtrend.

Second, make sure the stocks you want to short are relatively liquid, at least 1, 000,000 shares traded daily.

Third, look to short the former leaders from the prior bull cycle. These tend to be the best shorts because they had the biggest run-ups.

Fourth, look for Head & Shoulders top formations and late stage, wide, loose, and improper bases that fail.

Fifth, look to short the former leaders five to seven months or more after the stocks price peak.The optimal short point will be when the 50-DMA crosses below the 200-DMA ("Black Cross").

Sixth, and most importantly; Don't be greedy. Set your profit target at 20 - 30%, and take profits often.
Caveat: If a trade goes against you; Don't let the trade go more than 5 - 6% against you.

Hope this helps you.

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7/4/2014 3:19:16 PM

some thoughts on shorting > >

We are in a bull market (indices)... shorting is counter-trend...
Perhaps fins a market or index that is in a bear down-trend ...

This may get you thinking for a stock... then check the index/market it is with to determine if ~most in the index are downward

No exit provided... purely thinking about an entry

volume 1 day ago > 500,000
annual dividend yield below .01
low > 11
close < ma(50)
draw ma(50) below ma(100)
ppo(1,9) crossed below .05
draw ppo(1,9) line at .05
draw ppo(1,9) line at -.05

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7/6/2014 12:22:15 PM

Fetcher[Close decreasing for the last 1 Days
and Close dropped more than 5 Percent over the last 1 Days
and Average Volume(90) above 150000
and Close between 10 and 400
and Close gained more than 5 Percent over the last 5 Days

This filter only works when the overall market 40ma is negative.

Exit is 3 day
Edit:Alternate exit is RSI(6) below 72

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7/9/2014 11:07:24 PM

Fetcher[ show stocks where the close is less than the open and the close is below the EMA(18) and the RSI(14) is decreasing and the MACD(12,26,9) is decreasing and the price is between 1 and 20

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7/10/2014 7:33:08 AM

Peruse Shillllihs's Slim Shorty well

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7/10/2014 10:44:52 PM

I've had some luck with this filter. Its had some pretty good hits if you go back 5-10 days.

stock is optionable
average volume(50) above 1000000
add column RSI(2)
add column dd5
set{pro,weekly atr(8)/weekly ma(8)}

close below ma(200)
close above ma(50)
close more than 2% above ma(50)
rsi(2) above 80
pro above 0.075
and sort column 3 descending

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