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10/5/2013 10:47:25 AM

Frank, I have another question. Would you buy a stock even if
It had a huge run-up the prior week? Thanks again!

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10/5/2013 11:09:31 PM

Frank (oldsmar52),

I also congratulate you on your great accomplishment -- doubling your account every year for five years! While we know that it can be done it is rare for somebody to have the discipline and persistence to actually do it. Didn't you hit problems as your account got larger? Could you provide some color on your experience?

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10/6/2013 7:07:54 PM

For Scott & Durgin:Run this filter & you'll see that CSIQ has gone up 2% from its Monday open 49 of the past 52 weeks. That's a 94% probability. How can you not buy that & take 2%. Look on down the list and you can go to GMCR (Green Mountain Coffee) & it plus those above it went up 2% from its Monday open 47 of the past 52 weeks, and 47 of 52 is a 90% chance.

Did I have any problems? None for the first two years when I was buying the top 5 off the filter. In the third year, the volume I was buying would make it (sometimes) difficult to sell all of it at the 2% profit price. I eventually was buying all stocks that went up 2% 42 of the past 52 weeks......that is still an 80% probability. The one other thing I paid attention to was the earnings date & I simply stayed away from it until after the earnings came out.

I'm positive lots of people think that what I've said I've made is a lot of BS, but I certainly don't care. It was so slow for the first 8 months or so & kind of, all of a sudden, a light bulb went on...."Look how much I've made"! Look at GSAT on this week's run, for example. It closed Friday at $1.43 and a 2% increase is to $1.46. When I started I would have bought $4,000 worth or 2,797 shares. A 3 cent profit is $83.91 less the costs of the buy/sell. Doesn't sound like much huh? Do that 47 weeks out of 52 AND compound it & see where you're at.

It appears that Avery may not be here any more. Does anyone know how to get in touch with him? Frank

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10/6/2013 8:54:16 PM

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You can email therumpledone at gmail, hotmail or yahoo.

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10/6/2013 10:18:11 PM

oldsmar52, congratulations on your success. Please explain your exit strategy if you did not make 2% on a trade. Did you simply set a sell order at 2% and then close the trade at the end of the week if the sell order did not trigger?

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10/6/2013 10:27:09 PM

Frank, when you were buying all the ones that went up 2% 42 out of 52 weeks, did you just place market orders before the market open? Thanks for the help.

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10/7/2013 10:31:28 AM

Kevin in GA has a filter based on TROs CROCK POT where he sets a 10% stop loss for stocks that makes 5% a week. Where would be a good stop loss?

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10/7/2013 10:45:56 AM

As bad as you probably thought the morning was today, in the first hour I was in at the open & took 2% off of HSOL, CPRX, CSIQ, GMCR, & ZHNE.

For OLATHEGOLF: I just put in a good till canceled order at a 2% profit.

For TENNIS: Yes, I've gotten into the habit of putting in market orders on Sunday night as I'm on the west coast.

For THORODIN: Maybe not the answer you'd want to hear but I've never put in a stop loss at all. May sound crazy, but I decided that if I have an 80% chance of making 2%, that that's good enough for me & it worked out fine. It's been pretty rare, but if I got in & it took a dip from the open it would come back within a short time (2 weeks) so I just stuck with them.

I can't tell you how much profit I've missed out on but am not complaining. Like last week, CSIQ was up 39% from it's Monday opening to it's Friday close. And I stuck with my method & took a measly 2%.

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10/7/2013 1:11:41 PM

Well done once again, Frank!!! One more question- if you put in your market orders on Sunday evening, at what price?
The closing price of the previous day or perhaps a percentage lower than the closing price? Thank you again...

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10/7/2013 1:12:42 PM

I'm really happy for you oldsmar52.

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