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1/22/2013 4:00:09 AM

Quilln, do you wait for ema, kst, or tsi to xover? Thanks.

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1/22/2013 10:55:08 AM


Let's review:

Only buy and sell as the 13 crosses over the 50. Of course there will be some speed bumps to hit. Invesing is a business and must be treated as such.

for kwik plays, the KST is bought and sold per the xover.

buying longs and shorts for each stock of the ten (10) sectors group.

Let's see what Simon Sez has to say. Simon never lies and is always on the money 99 % of the tyme.

Simon's WerldŽ By Quillnpenn

re: "Do this"
re: Simon Says

Did you ever play the childrens/adults social game called Simon Says as in "Do this", "this", gotcha.

Now, let's play the adult version with the stock market.....

A good example with TTWO using a Daily Chart from 'tween 9:50 am and 10am EST. We look at the 2 month charts only for about 300 milliseconds or a blink of an eye.

For kwik results, it is best to subscribe to and sign up for a real time service using the 15 minute charts. Or use the Free charts that have a 20 minute delay. Then there are times when they start right out of the gate at 9:31am EST.

SIMON SEZ to BUY a stock, as soon as the footprint or price label shows up as an example on 1/2/13. On the morning of 1/2, 'tween 9:50 to 10am EST, a footprint or price label popped up one bar back (12/31) showing us a BUY signal and we let it ride up until SIMON SEZ to SELL. "That was eee zzzz"

SIMON SEZ to SELL the stock, as soon as the footprint or price label shows up as an example on 1/22/13. On the morning of 1/22 ,'tween 9:50 to 10am EST, a footprint or price label popped up one bar back (1/18) showing us a SELL signal.

However, headfakes can occur, meaning the stock can turn around and continue upwards after selling the stock. A short correction can occur and if we like to still like to own the stock, we then put in a limited order to buy back the stock at the foot print price or label price as a GTC until a new buy signal occurs. When it does, cancel the last limit order at the higher price. If a buy signal occurs, we repeat the cycle.

Shorting can be done if your bold and tough enough to do so.

Becareful, there is a lot of buying and selling. Just keep an eye on the KST flow If you want to practice on WEEKLY charts such as DAR and every Monday

morning 'tween 9:50 to 10:00am SIMON will say something in 300 milliseconds.
Normally, investors would not play DAR because it is below the 50 day moving average. However, Simon being Kewl, can find intra plays while

everybody is sleeping. Shhhhhhh let them sleep while we tip toe around them. SIMON SEZ "Do this". A nice payday can be had on 11/13/12. Buy in multiples of 100 shares, and then sell if the stock rises .51 cents, .62 cents, or a buc twenty-five. Repeat again at the next buy signal.

There about 22 trading days a month or 264 trading days a year. Compound the returns and do the math for excellent rewards according to Simon's werld.

I hope this can help as another thought to Swing Trading. Oh! and SIMON SEZ to be kewl.


1. at 9:50 to 10:00am look at your favourite 2 month chart.

2. observe that today's bar is either highlited in yellow for public or green for subscribers.

3. look at the bar to the immediate left and notice that:

3a. there is no label at the bottom or there is no label at the do nothing and have a nice day.

3b. if there is a price label at the bottom buy the stock using a limited buy order.

3c. if there is a price label at the top sell the stock using a limited sell order.

If you were looking over my shoulder and I showed you the above, you would get the whole process in 5 minutes and then smack yourself in the head.

As an example, let's review the following: what you have done on morning of the 1st of January. would you buy the stock because Simon said to do so, or do nothing.

What you have done on the morning of the 21st of December. Would you Sell CLNE because Simon said to do so as per the rules above or do nothing. Then when would be the next sell signal.

For more drills and exercises, place a piece of paper on the monitor and place it over a date and do what Simon says to do. You only have 3 choices. Next slide the paper to the right by one bar or day and again repeat the cycle all over again.

When you get the hang of it. It only takes a blink of eye to make a decision. Werks for me.

Enjoy the journey and see you around the campus.

Best regards,
Quilln -

P.s. if you have or use TOS charts, then play bubble to bubble. Lower bubble to high bubble. Becareful of the headfakes. That simple.

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1/22/2013 11:54:19 AM


wait for the EMA xovers to occur. the KST and the TSI are for headsup references.

There is no hurry to make a mil or two along the journey.

again, there is a 3 parts to the MDP

long and shorting the 10 sectors

trading the 2x and 3x using the tetter totter principle.

I also use the "Track N Trade" by's KST with a much smoother lines to trade for kwik trades. was written for me by CHEESE on the Filter Exchange Forum ( go to "KST") (go way to bottom) a few days ago to get KST current or 1 day back to peruse throught and review on my various charts that I use.

With out the TSI bottom panel.......



draw myKST_signal9 on plot myKST
myKST crossed above myKST_signal9

For just TSI's use the following for our filter

TSI(25,13,9) crossed above Smoothed TSI(25,13,9)......

Hope this can be some assistance and see ya around the campus.

best regards,
Quilln -

The next Swing Trade project:

Working on the 100 MDP (million dollar portfilio) started off with $27,260.00 January 2nd 2013. Have created my own spreadsheet for the chart and the log journal progress report.

the rules are very simple. Sell on the last business day of the month and buy on the 1st business day of the following month with all the profits plus principle to be compounded.

worked on and help setup the web site many many years ago with Ken Goodrich on the "Seasonality Stock Reports". Left for personal reasons. to find any substitutes.

Quilln - a poor church mouse, scratching for a living as a professional Swing Trader.

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1/22/2013 12:26:14 PM

Eman93 writes in part:

"My personality is better suited for day trading..."


Do you want to make some daily bread?

Do you use or have access to the TOS charts by Think or Swim at TD Ameritrade.

If so, can show you a Day Trading technique using the 13/50 moving averages and using two (2) LBR studies.

Can use the 13/50 xovers or you trade per the lower bubble to Buy and then Sell at the upper bubble.

I play the GASX/GASL with the Tetter Totter principle all day long. FAS/FAZ... ERY/ERX..... DIG/DUG......NUGT/DUST, the list can go on an on.

When I have free time, play with 6 pairs all at the same time. . Making bread is boring.

remember, we only use pairs.

Best regards,
Quilln -

As mayor Ed Koch of NYC use to say "how I'm doin".

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1/22/2013 6:15:55 PM

Quilln, thanks. I don't see the labels on the free version of stockcharts. Does the labels appear only when market is open or do I have to subscribe.

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1/22/2013 6:56:49 PM

Quilln, I see the price labels that you are talking about.

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1/22/2013 9:55:10 PM

Quilln, u r kewl !

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1/23/2013 9:06:51 AM

Quilln, thank you for your contributions to this forum...I use TOS charts and would be very interested in learning your
daytrading techniques employing these charts...Thank you in advance.....

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1/23/2013 10:16:53 AM


quoting from the above.

"Do you use or have access to the TOS charts by Think or Swim at TD Ameritrade.

If so, can show you a Day Trading technique using the 13/50 moving averages and using two (2) LBR studies."

How do you set up the charts for the bubbles. I only have one high and one low bubble on a 15 min FAS chart.
I get the 15 and 50 MAs on it without any trouble.

Your offer to show how you do it is very much appreciated.
I have most all day most days to watch and trade at the market.

Thank you !

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1/23/2013 11:26:06 AM


re: LBR - Linda Brandford Raschke which she can be located at lbrgroup dot com. I have learned alot from her.

Linda Raschke, wrote a program for the TOS people about a year ago using one of her day and scalping techniques.

Going to create the single chart with the following procedures then Save as KEG - LBR studies. You can call up your chart and then Save it and call it Master - LBR studies. Make darn sure you save it after every little tweak is made. Many many times I lost it because I forgot to save it.

But first, in the upper left hand corner click on the blue wedgit to the right of home and remove the CNBC peacock for a while to have a nice clear chart to see. If you want the CNBC peacock back, click on the blue wedgit aain.

Next will show you a site for real time scalping and or day trading. a must have for we professional day and swing traders.

Should be in the Charts Tab and not the flexible Grid (has 4 charts, 1 long and 3 small charts)

But first, create a single chart from the yellow boxes from the top row right hand side.

then locate the Studies and click on that to ADD studies

Studies on the Upper Subgraph:

add MovAvgExponential (close,13,0)
add MovAvgExontential (close,50,0)
add LBR_PaintBars (16,9,2.5,Yes)

Studies on the Lower Subgraphs:

LBR_ThreeTenOscillator (CLOSE,Normal)

Next click on the Style tab:

the first line aggregation should be TIME

next line is Intraday 1 day 1 min by sliding the cursor to the right and pick off 1 day then 1 min. the darn cursor moves fast to control it.

the box to the left of the of Style should read 1m

two tabs over should read what I typed above.

To understand a little more about LBR's, click on studies |edit studies | left click on one of the LBR's then click on More details then kruz to the bottom for a snap shot. The ThreeTenOscillator is kewl, but it takes time to get the hang of it.

I am using KEG as an example and you should see two moving averages 13 in moave colour and the 50 in light blue. also the Candles are showing.

If you want to change them click on style tab | chart type | click on the other types to use.

to make a bigger view, there are two ways:

1. place the cursor in the near the area with a left click and the drag to the right or left and let go. or in the lower left hand corner is the plus and minus little tabs to be used.

I simple wait for the 13 crossing over the 50 and then buy and sell as the they cross over again and again. some days are great line yester day. GASX had a great day. Note the lower bubble to the higher bubble. As soon as the bubble popped up, bought and then rode it all the way to the xover at 15:55. FAS nice ride up today, on the totter side with FAZ at 9:43am.

For real time scalping and day trading I use WFRT Scalper (worlds first real time). The World's Only real-time scalper. kruz on down until you see information along the left hand side just below the Indian who give you a scalp or two. I think the bars are 3 minutes apart as a default.

the program works with the TOS charting service with the standard colours. Looking at SDOW/UDOW pair. SDOW is up and running with a buy arrow at 10:06 @ $58.51 for a long position. It is now 10:45am at $58.79. I only react to what the arrows are saying to do. UP for buy and down for sell.

Got a short signal at 10:51am @ 58.73. Ton of good information and it takes time to get acclimated to it.

If you buy the WFRT scalper, it will go into the TOS studies folder.

Scott, I hope the above mess can help. If you need more assistance, just yell. I think the LBR's are easy to setup.

Best regards,
Quilln -

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