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11/16/2012 12:40:11 AM


Perhaps someone can decipher the "weekly" calculation.
I am at a loss, also (in breaking it into components).

Perhaps an email to StockFetcher

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11/16/2012 9:51:13 AM


Thanks for all your effort.
I had the same results after breaking out the two parts that you did.
So, I don't feel too bad.

Have a great day.

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11/16/2012 4:08:27 PM

If it helps, below is what I've been using:

Symlist (SSO)
draw weekly cma(CMA (StochRSI(8,13),5),5)
draw cma(CMA (StochRSI(5,8),3),3)
do not draw stochrsi(5,8)
do not draw weekly stochrsi(8,13)
Add Column CMA(StochRSI(5,8),3)
Add Column CMA(CMA (StochRSI(5,8),3),3)
Add Column Weekly CMA(StochRSI(8,13),5)
Add Column Weekly CMA(CMA (StochRSI(8,13),5),5)

I use the Weekly StochRSI to determine market direction. When Fast Weekly StochRSI is above Slow Weekly StochRSI, only trade bullish crosses on the Daily StochRSI. When Weekly Slow StochRSI is on top, only trade the bearish crosses on the Daily StochRSI. All of my testing of this system has been by hand, as I'm not entirely sure on how to backtest this system on SF. So far, the results have been very decent over the last 12 months. 100%+ return ($2.95 per trade commission included) and minimal trading required. Prior to the last 12 months, I've encountered some whipsawing. Any suggestions that could be added to minimize those kind of trades would be great.

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11/16/2012 5:25:12 PM

Nickster, is there a way to change the colors (where the fast is green and slow is red)? Thanks.

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11/16/2012 6:53:22 PM

I haven't seen any options in the help section or searching the forum on how to change the colors of the plotted lines. We may need the help of someone more advanced than myself.

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11/16/2012 8:17:42 PM

On a given plot, the order in which the lines are drawn determines their color - first blue, then red, then green , then ... try it and see.

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11/17/2012 7:25:31 AM

No matter what order I try, I couldn't get the fast line to be green and the slow line to be red. If anybody can, please post the filter. Many thanks.

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11/17/2012 10:54:48 AM

Perhaps ?

StockFetcher Color Settings

What do the different colors of the candlestick charts indicate?

- - -

StockFetcher Defaults

5555ff = This is the Series Color 0

ee0000 =This is the Series Color 1

00aa00=This is the Series Color 2

880088=This is the Series Color 3

ff9900=This is the Series Color 4

000099=This is the Series Color 5

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11/17/2012 2:13:46 PM

Look at the following:


set{null, 0}
draw null line at 1
draw null line at 2
draw null line at 3
draw null line at 4
draw null line at 5


The first line draw is null, which is set to 0 - it is blue.
then each line that is subsequently drawn is assigned a new color.

first line - blue
second line - red
third line - green
fourth line - purple
fifth line - yellow
sixth line - dark blue

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11/17/2012 5:03:35 PM

Back to the original question of this post:

"The DTosc is basically running a stochastic through the RSI, so its an indicator of an indicator, that makes it reach the oversold area easier during corrections and pullbacks. Which for me is ideal. The DTosc that Is displayed is a moving average of the raw data, so we are achieving what is known as double smoothing of the actual data the second (slower) line of the DTosc is a moving average of the 1st moving average! In the chart below we have an 8 period RSI, through that a 5 period Stochastic is run to obtain the RAW data, we then take a 3 period moving average of that RAW data (Blue line) and then the pink line is a 3 period moving average of the blue moving average."

Sorry, no pic. The site is about halfway down the page.

I'd figure it would start simple like StochRSI(5,8) for the raw data, then how do you make a 3 day moving average of the StochRSI indicator?

I wouldn't be running this as a filter to choose stocks, I'd be just using symlist to see SPY and QQQ. Any help would be great, I appreciate it as always.

Is this what you're looking for?

draw y
draw x on plot y

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