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9/19/2012 9:01:50 PM

i need a filter for stocks that gaped up and price is above day before high ,and moving up. first filter we see every day is about 9.50 AM and by 10.10 to 10.20 AM stocks have A pull back ,after 10.20 am they start to go back up again.if we have a filter for it,and watch few of them, i am sure one or two stocks will be good to buy.thank you

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9/20/2012 5:42:26 PM

open > 2% above high 1 day ago
open > 1 and average volume (30) > 300000

This will get you started
change the % above high
price and volume for what you want

See ya

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9/21/2012 1:26:41 AM

good filter thank you

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9/21/2012 4:49:12 PM

If you are looking for a stock that gapped up and is currently trading above yesterday's high but did pull back between 1 and 2.5 % from today's high :
(Where "currently" means 20 to 30 minutes ago, given SF's delayed data)

open 1 % above close 1 day ago
price above high 1 day ago

pullback between 0.975 and 0.99

price above 5
average volume(30) above 200000

set{avgvolspy,ind(spy,average volume(20))}
set{xvol,volume/average volume(20)}
add column relvol{relative volume}

sort column 5 descending

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