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6/18/2011 1:29:09 PM

Please help me create a filter for each numbered step: (this is a GO LONG setup)

ADX period is 13
+DMI period is 8
-DMI period is 8

1. Price has a consolidation/ sideways period for at least 30 days but no more than 60 days
2. Price consolidation has formed a triangle pattern (ascending or symmetric)
3. ADX is less than 25 during the consolidation
4. Both +DMI and -DMI are above ADX prior to the breakout <- (this is very important)
5. The +DMI makes a crossover high as price breaks the top trendline of the triangle

This is a complete setup for trading

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6/22/2011 10:25:44 AM

a little help please

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6/22/2011 10:27:02 AM

this is a complete system

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6/22/2011 6:58:08 PM

Links are offered to get you started...

Directional Movement Indcators +DI, -DI, ADX

Triangle Patterns


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7/6/2011 4:15:59 PM

Wheel.. I was interested in the logic, so Here's a really crude start using the info in the links Four sent and loosening up the parametters to get some matches.

If you expand/refine this somewhat and add the post to this thread, the response might be better: Errors leap off the page to competent coders, while a blank page evokes little reaction. Also, putting in some effort before asking for a complete system couldn't hurt.

set{channeltop,high 15 day high}
set{channelbottom,low 15 day low}
set{tchg, channeltop minus channeltop 15 days ago }
set{bchg, channelbottom minus channelbottom 15 days ago}
set{atchg, abs(tchg)}
set{abchg, abs(bchg)}
set{channeltopchange, atchg / channeltop}
set{channelbottomchange, atchg / channeltop}
show stocks where close above 5
and draw channeltop on plot price
and draw channelbottom on plot price
and channeltop < 10 percent above channelbottom
and channeltopchange < 0.025
and channelbottomchange < 0.025

pattern is ascending triangle(15,3)
price crossed above the upper ascending triangle(15,3)

ADX(13) has been < 25 for the last 15 days
+DMI(8) has been above ADX fo the last 3 days
-DMI(8) has been above ADX fo the last 3 days
+DMI(8) crossed above -DMI(8) within the last 1 day
Draw ADX(8)
Draw DI(8) Difference


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