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   · Can I send my credit card information via fax or mail?
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   · What types of payment does accept?
   · Can I pay for a StockFetcher subscription via PayPal?
   · Is StockFetcher a recurring membership?
   · Is the StockFetcher sign-up secure?
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   · How can I change my subscription terms?
   · Is StockFetcher secure (or encrypted) when updating my account?
   · How can I change my account information (credit card, email, etc.)?
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   · What do the different colors of the candlestick charts indicate?
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   · Why can't I see charts?
   · Why can't I see charts? (ZoneAlarm)
   · Why do my weekly measures not match filter results?
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   · Can I publish StockFetcher charts in my book?
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   · How can I add a specific indicator to my chart?
   · How do I enable additional price details on chart?
   · How to add default chart settings?
   · How can I remove the volume plot?
   · How to I change the filter results charts?
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   · Chart commands from filter do not appear on chart?
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   · Is there a StockFetcher technical support phone number?
   · Who do I contact if I have a question?
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   · Does StockFetcher support canadian exchanges?
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   · Fundamental Data on StockFetcher
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   · Can an index appear in filter results?
   · What indices are available?
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   · Can I view measures and charts using monthly data?
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   · StockFetcher Data Providers
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   · Can I screen based on intraday data?
   · Can StockFetcher screens access real-time data?
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   · What stocks does StockFetcher cover?
   · Notice a data error missing symbol?
   · What historical adjustments are made?
   · Does StockFetcher carry industry and sector information?
   · I don't see a stock in my filter results
   · Can't find a particular symbol?
   · Does StockFetcher carry mutual funds?
   · Are we missing a stock split?
   · Why is 'volume' not split adjusted?
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   · Why did my filter results change?
   · StockFetcher Intraday Updates
   · Does StockFetcher adjust prices for splits and dividends?
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   · Why do my weekly measures not match filter results?
   · Can I view measures and charts using weekly data?
   · Can I use days ago with weekly measures?
   · How are weekly prices computed?
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   · Interactive Candlestick Pattern Tool
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   · What are the different columns on the Filter Performance page?
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   · What are the StockFetcher forums?
   · How can I modify my forum ignore list?
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   · Does the historical feature show consecutive matches?
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   · What is the Global Filter?
  · StockFetcher 2.0
   · What is StockFetcher 2.0
   · How do I print charts?
   · How do I remove volume from the main price plot?
   · Sample StockFetcher 2.0 Charts
   · How do I toggle the details box on charts?
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   · Where can I download the user guide?
   · Can I buy a hard-copy of the user guide?
   · How much does the StockFetcher User Guide cost?
   · Does StockFetcher have a manual?
  · Watch List
   · How can I configure the Filters used in my watch list?
   · What are StockFetcher Watch Lists?
   · Where can I find more help on watch lists?
   · Can I create screens using only Symbols from my Watchlist(s)?
   · How do I view chart settings from my filter in a watch list?
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   · Cant find the feature you're looking?
   · How can I view the number of matches for each part of my screen?
   · Cant find the help you need?
   · Why does a symbol not appear in the results?
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   · How I can toggle zero volume stocks?
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   · StockFetcher mobile - iPad announcement
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  · Daily Email
   · How do I enable/disable daily emails?
   · Not receiving daily emails?
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   · Can I use 'date offset' within a saved filter?
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   · What is the Global Filter?
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   · Why are filter results numbers different?
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   · What are StockFetcher Reports?
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   · How do I add symbols from a custom filter?
   · How do I add symbols from a saved filter?
   · How can I manually add symbols to a report?
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   · Overview: Changing Report Views
   · Overview: Creating a Simple Event
   · Overview: Creating Lists from Filter Results
   · Overview: Dynamic Text Columns Example
   · Overview: Filtering by Event Header
   · Overview: Reordering Columns
   · Overview: Viewing Charts
 · Screens and Examples
  · Custom
   · Custom Bollinger Bands
  · Download Symbols
   · My filter returned more than 200 symbols, but I only see 200 when I click the 'download symbols' link.
   · Can I download filter results to Microsft Excel or other programs?
   · Why does downloading symbols from the watch list only return the symbol name?
  · Examples
   · Bollinger Band Squeeze
   · How can I create a variable based on several operations?
   · Candle Stick Patterns?
   · Channel/Consolidation Examples
   · How do I create a custom rate of change (ROC)?
   · Custom Standard Deviation
   · Detecting Gaps?
   · Can I add comments to my filters?
   · Optionable stocks?
   · If, Or, Boolean Logic
   · How can I screen for stocks within a specific index?
   · How can I screen for an Industry?
   · Are we missing examples you would be interested in?
   · Looking to find new highs within the last few days?
   · Stocks of a market (NYSE,NASDAQ,ETF)?
   · How can I screen for a Sector?
   · Finding volume spikes?
  · Filter Syntax Checking
   · How do I syntax check saved user-variables?
  · Indicators and Measures
   · Insider Trading
   · Looking for a particular measure?
  · Results
   · Is there a limit to 'date offset'?
   · What is the difference between 'date offset' and 'days ago'?
   · Why did my filter results change?
   · What are the different filter results views?
   · Why do certain patterns not always appear with draw?
   · How does the less than phrase work?
   · Negative Offset Displaced Moving Average
   · No stocks matched your filter message
   · How can I print the screen results?
   · My screen results do not match my screen requirements.
   · Why are some rows highlighted?
   · Is it possible to limit search results to a particular market?
   · How can I sort results in chart mode?
   · How can I apply a filter to specific symbols?
   · Why do I see a wait screen / page ?
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   · What are shared lists?
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   · How do I auto-fill a watch list?
   · How can I upload symbols to a watch list?
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