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11/26/2013 12:14:14 PM

Reports are not available on iPad?

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11/26/2013 12:19:32 PM


At this time the reporting feature is not available on the iPad.

Regards, Support

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12/19/2013 10:25:34 AM

No Flash for iPads, iPhones, or iPods

Here's why there's is no Flash available for iDevices or other mobile devices. Adobe was unable to provide a product that was suitable to the needs of battery powered mobile devices used for Internet browsing. Existing Flash technology used too much memory, ate battery life, and was buggy. Simply put Flash did not work well on mobile devices.

Apple's Steve Jobs led the escape from Flash dependency when Apple introduced the iPhone, and later introduced the iPad. There was a hue and cry over the omission. Time proved Jobs was right on target.

So this is why there is no Flash for your iPhone or iPad or iPod nor for most SmartPhones. Flash has been abandoned by many sites in favor of supported technologies such as HTML5 or by providing their own custom app.

Here is Steve Jobs official comment on his momentous decision to omit Flash from iDevices: Steve Jobs on Flash.

Here is Adobe's later announcement to cease development of Flash for mobile devices: Adobe on Mobile Flash.

Now, you are not necessarily out on a limb. There are some apps that can display some Flash, but don't count on there ability to display anything using Flash.

Apps that can display some Flash from the Web:

1. Puffin

2. SkyFire

3. Photon Flash

4. Browse2Go

5. Swifter

Also, note that many sites that use Flash provide their own app for accessing their material. So check with your favorite sites and find out if "there's an app for that."

Is there an "APP" that can be used on iPad to access flash REPORTS?

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