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8/28/2022 4:29:05 PM

Inverse ETF's are having some of the same setup's that near breaking out one nearly breaking out.

and HIBS which I'm already playing. Which maybe I should have waited to have a confirmed breakout but I'm greedy sometimes. I'll have a stop lose set so if she doesn't pan out I will be stopped out.

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8/29/2022 2:56:31 AM

Inverse ETF's are a weird world of their own..

But one thing I haven't dabbled into very much is how impactful the corporate events of an etf company (like proshares) can have on it's security price.

Here's SQQQ's (proshares) SEC filings for example:

I wonder if their fundamentals can line up with a trade/potentially a breakout (similar to stocks). I'm no expert like Kevin with ETF's of this sort, but it would be interesting to see if a certain catalyst found in the filings gave more strength to a specific direction/forecast like this one. SEC filings were a major element to penny stocks, so I wonder if they same principle can be utilized for these types of traded assets...

Going off on a tangent at this point... but nonetheless, your callouts with breakouts have been on fire lately so I'm pretty convinced it'll playout as you' call.

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8/29/2022 12:05:10 PM

Why thanks for the kind words. SQQQ is having a fairly good follow through today but it's still early.

To me it's a good example of a Ascending Triangle breakout.

It's not just Ascending triangles but any resistance breakouts for that matter . They will not always be picture perfect but price has memory more or less and when it breaks resistance on follow through traders see this and pile on.

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9/4/2022 12:41:48 AM

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