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2/21/2018 12:12:21 PM

Yesterday I read an article on the ConnorsRSI at

Not a lot of hits, even though I eased the entry requirements, though the results were interesting.

/*conners rsi*/
close > 1
Average Volume(21) > 200000
adx(10) > 30
set{x, close 1 day ago * 0.90}
close < x
set{y1, close - low}
set{y2, high - low}
set{rangepct, y1 / y2}
rangepct < .10
Connors RSI(3,2,100) is Below 5
draw Connors RSI(3,2,100) line at 60 {exit}
draw Connors RSI(3,2,100) line at 5 {entry}
add column Connors RSI(3,2,100)
sort on column 5 ascending
/*My entry, dependent on ConnorsRSI*/
set{entry2, Connors RSI(3,2,100) 1 day ago * .01}
set{entry1, close 1 day ago * entry2}
set{entry, close 1 day ago - entry1}
draw price line at entry/*Wait for price to cross above this value?*/
add column separator
add column close 1 day ago
add column entry
add column low
/*The recommended exit*/
set{exit, count(Connors RSI(3,2,100) crossed above 60,1)}
draw exit
draw ema(13)
do not draw adx(10,10)
do not draw rangepct
do not draw x

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2/27/2018 12:24:39 AM

Thank you for sharing filter.

As per Connors book low < x and not close < x. You have mentioned that you have made some changes so may be because of that.

How I can back test this?

Could you please provide me information about back testing

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6/22/2019 4:24:50 PM

i have found that the strategies that Connors has developed have worked pretty much as he says they tested out. all you have to do is follow what is says to do. the setups in his last book are very consistent. if you are not making money using Connors setups you are doing something wrong. have used 3 or 4 of his setups for 5+ years and all profitable.

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