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2/14/2003 11:19:41 AM

Displaced Moving Average / DMA

Parameters Period
Usage DMA(25,5)
Description The displaced moving average is a simple moving average shifted forward or backward in time by a specified number of days. The two parameters to the DMA include the length of the MA along with the number of days this average should be shifted. A positive displacement number indicates that the moving average values are projected forward, while a negative displacement indicates the values are moved backwards in time.

Please note that the last portion of a negative displacement will be generated using moving averages based on the length of time available.

Limitations The period is limited to 100 days.
Fetcher[show stocks where the MA(50) crossed above the DMA(50,-5)]

Fetcher[show stocks where the DMA(50,10) has been increasing for 5 days and the MA(50) has been decreasing for 5 days]

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