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Candlestick Patterns


StockFetcher provides several pre-built candlestick patterns. The pre-built patterns simply use the "pattern is" phrase followed by the name of the pattern.

Bullish Upside Tasuki Gap Bullish Side-by-Side White Lines Bullish Separating Lines
Bullish Three Line Strike Bullish Upside Gap Three Methods Bullish Harami Cross
Bullish Three Inside Up Bullish Homing Pigeon Bullish Harami
Bullish Morning Doji Star Bullish Tri-Star Bullish Meeting Lines
Bullish Unique Three Rivers Bullish Abandoned Baby Bullish Matching Low
Bullish Engulfing Bullish Concealing Baby Swallow Bullish Three White Soldiers
Bullish Kicking Bearish Upside Tasuki Gap Bearish Side-by-Side White Lines
Bearish In Neck Bearish Separating Lines Bearish Three Line Strike
Bearish Downside Gap Three Methods Bearish Thrusting Bearish On Neck
Bearish Harami Cross Bearish Three Inside Down Bearish Harami
Bearish Evening Doji Star Bearish Tri-Star Bearish Meeding Lines
Bearish Advance Block Bearish Identical Three Crows Bearish Abandoned Baby
Bearish Two Crows Bearish Engulfing Bearish Dark Cloud Cover
Bearish Three Black Crows Bearish Kicking Bearish Deliberation
Hanging Man

In addition to the pre-built patterns, it is possible to define your own custom patterns using the standard StockFetcher syntax. The key to building candlestick screens is an understanding of the comparison of day high/low/open/closing values between other days.

For example, a screen for a bar setup or candle pattern might want to find a point where a close is above a prior day's close. To do this, the comparison of close to close 1 day ago is needed. For example:

close above close 1 day ago

To search the previous day instead:

close 1 day ago above close 2 days ago

The same can be used with high, low, or open as well. Say you're looking for stocks where the close is above the prior day's close but the high is below the prior day's high:

Another common comparison with candlestick patterns is comparing the body (close/open) regardless of whether the close is above the open. To do this, a few set statements will help out:


So, lets assume you wish to compare two different body_tops:


To find stocks where the last day's body engulf's the prior day's body, you might use:

show stocks where body_top is above body_top 1 day ago

Here are some more examples:


Hammer Candle:

and close is more than 0.5% above open
and open minus low is more than 50% above close minus open

Example using high/low/close:

and high is above high 1 day ago

Example comparing tail, head and body sizes:

set{head_size,high - close}
set{body_size,close - open}
show stocks where tail_size is more than 25% above body_size
and tail_size is above head_size


Here is a sample filter for a weekly "Inverted Hammer":

and weekly open is more than 0.5% above weekly close
and weekly high minus weekly open is more than 50% above weekly open minus weekly close

5 Candlestick bars down:

show stocks where daily_diff has been below 0 for the last 5 days
Bearish Three Black Crows:
and price is between 5 and 50

Note: this example uses a pre-built candle pattern.

Shooting star:

set{lshadowsize, body_bottom - low}
set{tshadowsize, high - body_top}
set{tshadowsize2, tshadowsize * 2}
set{body_size, body_top - body_bottom}
show stocks where lshadowsize is less than 0.001
and tshadowsize2 > body_size
and close increasing for the last 3 days

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