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12/17/2003 12:40:37 PM

BNSOZ hit $1.05 in premarket today.

Did anyone take profit?

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12/17/2003 6:35:41 PM

BNSOZ was below my price threshold. I do not consider stocks below about $0.50 and typically well above that.
If you made a few hundred % congrats.

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12/19/2003 4:53:10 PM

Anyone cash in on FNSR today?

After RSI(2) gave the entry earlier?

I know I did!


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12/19/2003 5:08:17 PM

Seems you feel like this is some kind of competition.
If this is in response to my post offering an alternative opinion, that was valid if memory serves me, on a couple picks you mentioned then I will not offer an opinion anymore.
I thought that they might keep someone from making a bad move.
I wouldn't want to make anyone feel like they need to compete.

It would have been better if you had posted a heads up before the move.
It was a classic bounce up off of trendline support with both Weekly and Daily chart Stochastics oversold.
I would have been interested in this one since it isn't an OTCBB.

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12/20/2003 7:43:02 PM

Hey EWZuber:

Give YOU a heads up? I would not want to insult your intelligence. Besides, I mentioned FNSR a while ago.

Seems to me you would have found FNSR using your own filters, indicators, trendlines, etc...

Not a competition at all. IT'S A JUNGLE OUT THERE!


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12/21/2003 1:21:20 AM

I havn't had the time to do much research or chart out filter returns lately because of this class I've been teaching. It started at the end of Oct. and has been wearing me down from lack of sleep.
Last class was Thursday.
May do another from Janurary ~ March if there is sufficient interest but need to find a better way to juggle my time.
I don't understand why you think a heads up on FNSR would be an insult.

When you are trying to survive in a jungle it's not a bad idea to have allies and friends. It creates a bit of order out of anarchy.

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12/22/2003 2:23:28 PM


You are teaching a class... so I don't presume to be able to teach/tell you anything.

I did post about FNSR in the RSI(2) thread, I believe. Perhaps you didn't see it.


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12/22/2003 11:01:30 PM

One of the reasons for teaching the class was to learn more myself. The teacher always learns along with the students.
One needs to be able to answer all sorts of questions and present the information with enough clarity that anyone can understand it and grasp the concept.
Not as easy as it seems.
I'm not sure I was entirely successful.
I think that most came away with more knowledge than they started the class with but I wasn't satisfied with the classes collective abilities at the end to find a prospective stock and entry point.
It was a rewarding experience but also a bit frustrating.
I need to find a better way to present some of the material so it is easier for everyone to relate to it.
Phase relationships and their interaction with each other seemed to be a tough one.

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1/7/2004 7:52:23 PM

Here are some examples of stocks about to break out to new highs and it is obvious the advantage there is to owning a stock where buyers can't get enough shares quick enough, compared to a stock where sellers have been in control for a long time and they have simply become nearly exhausted at the current price.
DYAX...This stock has had a tendency to move higher. The demand has typically outstriped the supply for quite a while. At any time between June and December, even if you bought it at exactly wrong time your position would still be in the money today. This can not be expected with a stock that has been in a downtrend for months.
AMHC, SPIL are good examples of stocks that have a tendency for gains. This puts the trend in your favor.
From what I have seen the filter that I run that looks for stocks that are close to but below their 20 Day high and the stochastic fast line is crossing above the slow line on Daily charts with Weekly chart stochastics rising, has produced the biggest gainers of all my filters.
CKC came up on this filter 6 days ago. CCUR 7 days ago. INTD 4 days ago.
And I just closed out EGHT for 23% gains from this filter today over about 6 days. Not touting the filter, just the premise.
I suspect what keeps many away from these stocks is the entry point. How do we enter a hot stock.
I just look for a rising stochastic on Weekly charts, a Fast line cross above the Slow line on Daily charts combined with a break of Trendline Resistance ( hourly chart ) confirmed by hourly chart stochastics also just beginning an accumulation phase ( a very recent +xover coinciding with the Res. TL break ).

Stocks like TMAR are exceptions to the rule. Here we have a stock that has been in a downward spiral for 3 years and may be making a fundamental turnaround and this, I suspect, is the driving force, combined with exhausted sellers.
In this catagory also are POSO ( which I suspect is about to make another good move ) and MEM. These can be huge movers when the fundamentals begin to show improvment on a long term oversold stock. JMHO

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1/8/2004 10:49:10 PM

TRIB came up on a screen today that looks for aggresive stocks that are oversold on daily charts and testing the 15 DMA as support. Only reservation I have about this one is that Weekly chart stochastics are trying to -xover.

RRI is a killer stock. I picked this one up on a screen on 12/05. An excellent performer.

GTI is questionable. A great chart to be sure but the timing is not to my liking. This is a good study of the effects of Weekly chart stochastics because of the very steady uptrend.
I went on to the Weekly chart and marked all the -xover points, that is where the fast line crossed below the slow line using 5,5 stochastics.( default on Big Charts ). Then marked all the +xover points, where the fast line crossed above the slow line.
Then I swicched to the Daily charts and one can then see that all the big moves have been made when the Weewkly charts were in accumulation.
When stochastics +xover on daily charts and Weekly charts were in distribution the gains were considerably less.

The first run with Weekly and daily chart stochastics in phase during accumulation was from 4/7/03 ~ 6/2/03 and resulted in 157% gain.

The next Daily accumulation phase that was out of phase with Weekly chart stochastics resulted was from 6/13/03 ~ 6/19/03 and resulted in 10% gains.

The next run where they were in phase again in accumulation was from 6/26/03 ~ 7/28/03 and resulted in 36% gains.

Daily and Weekly quickly fell back into phase with eachother again at around 8/8/03 ~ 9/17/03 which resulted in 45% gains.

The next Daily chart cycle was out of phase from 9/29/03 ~ 10/7/03 resulting in 21% gains.

In phase again on 10/23/03 ~ 11/13/03 resulting in 40% gains.

Next daily chart accumulation phase was out of phase with Weekly chart from 11/21/03 ~ 12/2/03 resulting in 19% gains.

In phase again from 12/12/03 ~ 1/5/04 resulting in 25% gains.

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