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6/8/2007 6:52:52 PM

Go to the Microsoft web site at

You can obtain a fully licensed copy of Office 2007 Professional and a fully licensed copy of Windows Vista Business edition, by taking part in three web casts for each.

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6/13/2007 4:22:00 PM

10 Rules of the Intelligent Investor

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6/17/2007 5:20:09 PM

Free 2 month Trial to

HGS investing utilizes a balanced approach from both fundamental and technical analysis. HighGrowthStock Data is an extensive database of a stock's price, volume, fundamental and proprietary computed values. The database contains information for over 8,700 securities and is updated daily.

This link will take you to the 60 day free trial registration page. The trial contains fully functional software and the complete HGS database of over 9,000 securities (updated daily). The trial includes:

1. 60 days use of the HGS Investor Software
2. 60 days of HGS data, from Quotes Plus (updated daily)
3. High Growth Stock newsletters (produced monthly)
4. Educational articles by Ian Woodward containing details on HGS Investing.
5. A series of getting started videos that teach you the basics of using the HGS Investor Software.
6. Weekly Reports containing market analysis and HGS investing news.
7. Access to the HGS Learning Center containing tips and FAQ's on our products.

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8/27/2007 12:17:14 PM

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8/27/2007 3:57:33 PM

Went to the powertogether Microsoft site that Rumpled One mentioned. Which links lead to the webcasts and downloads you mentioned?

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10/19/2007 9:18:50 AM


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10/19/2007 10:11:14 AM

Just an FYI for those that may have never thought about it...

A software download is a potential entry point for key logging trojans. In other words you download and install it, it waits for you to go to the target urls and sign in and then it sends the user/pass back to home base.

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10/25/2007 11:14:41 AM

In my inbox today:

Norman Hallett here from TradingMind Software.

Here's a nice little free service that Adam Hewison just
introduced that will not only give you his "Triangle
Trend Analysis" opinion of your stock or commodity...

but the service will also send you a daily email updating
their opinion.

So, if you'd like a "second opinion" on a particular
stock or commodity, get Adam's FULL ANALYSIS
by tapping here...

Tap Here: Get Your Stock or Commodity Analyzed

It's free, it's daily, and the analysis will give you a
good second opinion from a very smart guy.

(and if they try to sell you things, you can unsubscribe
at any time with one click).

My best,

Norman Hallett, CEO
Subconscious Training Corp.
Makes of TradingMind Software
Tap Here to be a DISCIPLINED Trader

6606 NW 66th Avenue
Parkland, FL 33067

To unsubscribe or change subscriber options visit:

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4/17/2008 11:56:39 AM

/* moqual statistics display filter */

set{Xgapup, count(gap > 0, 1)}
set{Xgapdn, count(gap < 0, 1)}

set{cl1lo, close 1 day ago - low}
set{hicl1, high - close 1 day ago }

set{fillsgu, count(cl1lo > 0, 25)}
set{fillsgd, count(hicl1 > 0, 25)}
add column gap
set{GU25, count(Xgapup > 0, 25)}
set{GD25, count(Xgapdn > 0, 25)}
and add column GU25
and add column GD25
add column fillsgd
add column fillsgu
and add column separator

set{LProfit%, percent high greater than open}
set{SProfit%, percent open greater than low}
set{lp1,lprofit% 1 day ago}
set{lp2,lprofit% 2 days ago}
set{lp3,lprofit% 3 days ago}
set{lp4,lprofit% 4 days ago}
set{sp1,sprofit% 1 day ago}
set{sp2,sprofit% 2 days ago}
set{sp3,sprofit% 3 days ago}
set{sp4,sprofit% 4 days ago}
add column LProfit%
add column lp1
add column lp2
add column lp3
add column lp4
and add column separator
add column SProfit%
add column sp1
add column sp2
add column sp3
add column sp4

/* Long Profit Statistics Display */

set{z1, count(SProfit% > 1.0 , 25)}
set{z2, count(SProfit% > 2.0 , 25)}
set{l1, count(LProfit% > 1.0 , 25)}
set{l2, count(LProfit% > 2.0 , 25)}

and add column separator
and add column L1{L>1%}
and add column L2{L>2%}
and add column Z1{S>1%}
and add column Z2{S>2%}
Add column rr
add column average day range(5)



sort column 27 descending

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4/19/2008 1:52:44 PM

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