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3/26/2004 10:56:51 AM



Slow Stochastic(5) Fast %K is below 20 and RSI(2) is below 2 for the
last 3 days and Average Volume (10) is above 100000 and close is
between 1 and 5 and draw Williams %R (10) and date offset is 0


Results today as of 10:48AM ET.........


(14) RSI(2) Analysis Chart
CBB - Cincinnati Bell 4.00 -1.48 4373600 11.12 0.60
historical 3m , 6m , 1y , 2y
CDSS - CITADEL SECURITY SO... 4.81 0.00 1016900 9.33
0.17 historical 3m , 6m , 1y , 2y


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3/27/2004 10:25:28 AM

New indicator looks promising....This new indicator was just added to

Heikin-Ashi Technique

The following formula for StockWiz 4.0 issues trading signals based on two indicators: the haDiffCo indicator, described by Dan Valcu in this issue, and a five-day simple moving average of the haClose price.

Buy signals are issued when:

a) The haClose price is greater than the haOpen (that is, the haDiffCo is greater than zero), and
b) The haClose is above its five-day simple moving average.

Sell signals are generated when:

a) The haClose price is less than or equal to the haOpen, and
b) The haClose price is below or equal to its simple moving average.

If only one of the two conditions (a and b) holds in either case above, the formula issues a neutral signal.
The results are displayed in the worksheet where the user can view charts with other technical analysis indicators.


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4/13/2004 6:37:13 PM


Fetcher[Slow Stochastic(5) Fast %K is below 20 and RSI(2) is below 2 for the last 3 days and Average Volume (10) is above 100000 and close is between .13 and 5

As of mkt close Tuesday April 13, 2004

ASTM - Aastrom Biosciences... 1.09
FLCR - FullCircle Registry... 0.28
MRVT - Miravant Medical Te... 2.75
TKOCF - Taseko Mines Ltd NPL 1.41
CIK - Credit Suisse Asset... 4.12
PKSI - Primus Knowledge So... 2.51

This little filter I created a few weeks ago and posted on my site has been producing some amazing results, backtest it and see for yourself.


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4/13/2004 6:38:48 PM

Try this;

Fetcher[Slow Stochastic(5) Fast %K is below 20 and RSI(2) is below 2 for the last 3 days and Average Volume (10) is above 100000 and close is between .13 and 5]


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4/13/2004 8:20:08 PM


Don't you just love RSI(2)?


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4/13/2004 9:21:02 PM


Since you asked, I do love RSI(2)but RSI(14) is a much better indicator. look at MSGI on Monday...RSI(2) was at 17.76 Monday hardly an indication to enter the stock, but it popped to over $15.00. Basically what I am saying is I find RSI(2) only useful when it is below (2) or above (90) other times in between it is of no value to me.

Look at ALAN... on 4/16 tell me how RSI(2) helps here it was around 80? However,RSI(14) was right on and signaled the move. finally broke out when RSI(2) was at 99.96? Again RSI(14)was right on. here is a use for RSI(2) it was at 2.01 when it brokeout. However RSI(14) was also right.

What I find RIGHT with RSI(2) it's good for finding bottom stocks, great!
And as muddy has implied many breakout occur when RSI(2)is above 90. Other than them two instances I don't pay any attention to it, I do respect it's usefulness and your professionalism in using it in your way, but please tell me, when it's in mid range between say 25 and 75, what use is it? I am listening.


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4/14/2004 8:58:23 PM

Members; BB Squeeze Picks showing price and volume

Use caution, and wait for green hold 5-15 minutes before entry.

GUSH - Canargo Energy Group 0.83 0.00 358500
CDCOR - COMDISCO HLDG CO IN... 0.45 0.00 181800
SPAL - SPANTEL COMMUNICATI... 0.33 10.00 55500
INLD - Interland Inc 4.20 1.20 35700
ATGN - AltiGen Communicati... 3.69 1.37 32900
AASR - Ascent Assurance Inc 0.35 0.00 6400
SOYL - American Soil Techn... 0.42 2.44 6300
NEON - NEON Systems Inc 3.39 1.19 4500
HRSH - Hirsch Internationa... 1.76 1.73 3000
UPST - Uroplasty Inc 5.00 0.00 1000
HGAT - HealthGate Data Corp 0.68 0.00 600


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4/15/2004 1:48:49 PM

Result of my BB Squeeze Picks today @ 1:42PM Central Time before the close;

GUSH.OB 0.96 12:59PM ET +0.13 (15.66%)

CDCOR.OB 0.45 1:10PM ET 0.00 (0.00%)

SPAL.OB 0.38 1:19PM ET +0.05 (15.15%)

INLD 4.81 1:18PM ET +0.61 (14.52%)

ATGN 3.79 11:36AM ET +0.10 (2.71%)

AASR.OB 0.37 12:51PM ET +0.02 (5.71%)

SOYL.OB 0.42 Apr 14 0.00 (0.00%)

NEON 3.38 11:41AM ET +0.01 (0.29%)

HRSH 1.78 10:26AM ET +0.02 (1.14%)

UPST.OB 5.25 12:17PM ET +0.25 (5.00%)

HGAT.OB 0.68 Apr 14 0.00 (0.00%)


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4/16/2004 7:33:20 PM

To TxTrapper - refer your RSI(14) I went back and looked at the stocks you indicated with RSI(14). Nothing I could see signaled that there would be such a tremendous move. On MSGI, RSI(14) appears to be just a hair above 50 and flatline, the night before, giving no indication of what to come. Am I missing something? Maybe you are daytrading and somehow used the RSI(14) to enter the trade on the runup

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4/17/2004 11:28:49 AM


I use RSI(2)<2 and RSI(2)>90 for day trading. I have no use for RSI(2)>10 or <90, all I was saying is that RSI(14)is more accurate and smoothed for midrange buy/sell decisions, The Relative Strength Indicator (RSI) was developed by J. Welles Wilder in 1978. This indicator is one of a family of indicators called oscillators because it varies (oscillates) between fixed upper and lower bounds. This particular indicator is supposed to track price momentum.

Wilder's relative strength indicator is based on the observation that a stock which is advancing will tend to close nearer to the high of the day than the low. The reverse is true for declining stocks. Another aspect of this indicator that is commonly varied is the period over which the indicator is calculated. Wilder began with 14 periods. The Relative Strength Indicator is in effect a measure of short term Momentum, showing whether the price line is speeding up or slowing down. It is a percentage calculated by comparing the average of the falls with the average of the rises within the selected period. When the RSI is below 25% the item is oversold. If the RSI is above 75%, it is overbought.

I never predict tremendous moves. I am a stock picker and provide a service to my membership community at analyzing stocks using T/A that I beleive have a good chance of increasing in the next 1-3 days due to various factors. We advocate waiting for a "green hold" for 5-15 minutes before entry for any picks we post. Hope this clarifies my mention of RSI(14).


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