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8/2/2003 2:36:14 PM

I think the SF challenge is a great idea but I don't think it's proper to use the SF forum to posts the picks. Lets keep the SF Forum within the parameters it has designated. Also, I would not like to see SF get into any trouble because of the "Appearance of making Buy / Sell Recommendation". Some foolish SEC regulator who gets a complaint from someone who happens to lose because they didn't do their own home work or understand why the pick was made could create a problem for us all.

SF is much to valuable a resource to get embroiled in sum possible stupid legal battle. I say knowing the litigious nature of society as it is today, let's use some common sense to buffer SF from morons! Better to be Safe than Sorry!

I believe we should set up a SF Challenge Yahoo group like was done for the Muddy group. I'm willing to do the work necessary to set it up for us and open it to anyone that wants to join. One rule I'd propose for posting is that the filter or parameters used to make the selection(s) should always be included with a pick. At the very least with the first post of a pick using some criteria. In this way we will all learn and benefit from shared knowledge and experience.

What do you folk think?

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8/2/2003 2:47:36 PM

STOCK CHALLENGE for Monday 08/04/2003 MCKC $3.80....VRSO $3.26...WGAT $0.54

These picks came from a new scan and pick procedure, let's see how they do Monday.


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8/2/2003 4:35:48 PM


This is an excellent idea. I have a yahoo group that I created to allow myself and some friends to share ideas, pool resources and such. If you like you can make use of the database functionality of our group to provide a more efficient method of actually tracking these picks. I just created a database called "StockFetcher Competition" which can be accessed here:

You'll need to join the group first and that can be done here:


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8/2/2003 4:57:23 PM

Just pick Walmart. Its like a savings account :)

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8/2/2003 8:30:34 PM

Screen says Monday Buy CLZR. Also front page IBD and new 52 week high on big Volume Friday. Earnings Aug 12 expected to be biggest Q ever.

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8/2/2003 8:51:32 PM


The point is to make money.

My grandmother taught me: "TO PROSPER AND TELL NO MAN"

We have said too much. We have given away too much. We gave you LR/RSI, that alone can make you rich. We posted our strategy, tactics, rules, notes... BUT THAT WASN'T ENOUGH FOR SOME! They want MORE! But there are a few asute readers who are are making money from our posts. Isn't that interesting?

We choose participate in the REAL CHALLENGE, it is called THE STOCK MARKET.

We know each day if we won or lost. We focus on OUR ACCOUNT not someone else's.

Post your buy/sell confirmations to show what you are really doing.
That picture will say a thousand words. NO MORE WILL BE NECESSARY.


And, no I won't post mine and I really don't want to see yours. Let's just separate the money traders from the paper traders.


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8/3/2003 8:14:49 AM

Anyone want to see a list what I could of done ? ... I think not.

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8/3/2003 8:46:06 PM

Last week showed some good picks ...

muddytraks .... kicked butt CLZR ... great selection !

gruender ... SNIC continued to move up ... good pick !

19546 ... TMAR really moved on Friday ... and still has legs ... awesome !

I am still watching all the others ... its great to see the trades in action !!!

ok ...
so ... for Monday 08/04/03 I have 3 picks :

IGLD buy at $4.90

RNWK buy at 5.65

ASX buy at 3.60

Trade on my friends !

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8/3/2003 11:36:28 PM

TheRumpledOne, why dont you ming your oun business. If you dont like what were doing dont read it. Buy the way for the record this is not holygrail this is muddytraks / Muddytraks says Buy CLZR & LLL, Short SNIC & MBRS

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8/4/2003 3:28:23 AM

You guys are funny. I was stupid and lost about 25% of my gains this year so far so I am reduced down to 30% gain in my portfolio this year. I just started trading correctly about 2 months ago and made 55% in 1 month in my porfolio. My greed kicked in and I lost my butt. Luckily I still have a profit. Now it's time to thank the Lord for what I have and become satisfied and make money again. Use your heads and model after the big winners. Look at what they did before there big rise and your fortune will be found.

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