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11/30/2019 8:45:38 PM

Hello, How can i " Get On" peoples forums/site/old posts? Is that even doable. Thank You, Arnie

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11/30/2019 11:20:59 PM

Double click their names in a post or search their names.

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12/1/2019 7:29:34 PM

@arenas, I did not realize you were saying the "gap up" was the trigger to enter the position. I thought the Doji was the trigger. Here is the revised filter with the "gap up" as the trigger. You have to go back to 10/30/19 for the first hit, but you'll start seeing more results in mid-September and later when the markets were sideways.

/* After down trend of 5 days */
close 1 day ago < close 2 days ago for last 5 days
close 2 days ago < open 2 days ago for last 4 days

/* Stock drops into the Stochastic oversold area */
fast Stochastic(10) Fast %K is below 20 1 day ago

/* it is a doji candlestick */
set{body,close 1 day ago - open 1 day ago}
body between -0.05 and 0.05

/* The next days open is a gap up */
open > high 1 day ago
close > open

do not draw body

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12/4/2019 1:37:14 AM

Hello @xarlor,

please excuse my ignorance.. but i want to know.. what is the name of the doji candle stick in your filter which you posted on 12/1?

somebody told me that if the doji is.. A gravestone doji.. then a trend reversal must happen.. is that true?

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12/4/2019 9:12:16 PM

A doji is simply when the open and close are very near each other. Where that open/close happens in relation to the legs of the candle has different significance.

Types of doji.

There are also Morning Star and Evening Stars.

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12/5/2019 6:48:03 PM

Thank you

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12/8/2019 6:35:59 PM

Thank you! Great filter and very very informational

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1/4/2020 8:53:35 AM

Here's a swing filter that's pretty good. The goal is to find stocks that are breaking out of a base on heavy volume. Don't buy if x7 occurs in the last month. You have to be careful though, this isn't a real system and you have to look at each stock and make sure it looks good. I also don't have a clear exit strategy.

close gained between 4% and 30%
close below 35
draw average volume(50) and draw average volume(20) and draw bollinger band(20)
set{c_vma,count(close above vma(100),1)}
set{v_av,count(volume above average volume(20),1)}
set{x1,c_vma * v_av}
set{c_bollx,count(close crossed above upper bollinger band(20),1)}
set{x2,c_bollx * x1}

set{close_ma,count(close > ma(100),10)} and draw ma(100)
set{close_vma,count(close > vma(100),10)}
set{c_ma_cnt,count(close_ma > 7,1)}
set{c_vma_cnt,count(close_vma > 5,1)}
set{x3,c_ma_cnt * c_vma_cnt}
set{x4,x2 * x3}
set{avx,count(average volume(20) above average volume(50),1)}
set{x5,x4 * avx}
set{v_ma,count(vma(100) above ma(100),1)}
set{vol_gd1,v_ma + avx}
set{vol_gd,count(vol_gd1 > 0,1)}
set{x6,x5 * vol_gd} and draw x6
set{av20_lo,average volume(20) 3 month low}
set{av20,average volume(20) / av20_lo}
set{av20_cnt,count(av20 between 3 and 10,1)}
set{x7,x6 * av20_cnt}
x7 > 0

/*---- Filter for liquidity 5% -------------------------------------*/
set{safeQty,average Volume(20) * .05}
set{safeAmt,safeQty * close}
safeamt above 20000 and do not draw safeamt add column safeamt
set{zeroDays15,count(day point range below 0.001, 15)}
zeroDays15 below 2 and do not draw zeroDays15
market is not ETF
apply to sector(medical) and apply to sector(computer and technology)
apply to sector(finance) and apply to sector(oils-energy) and apply to sector(aerospace)

add column separator

set{volGain2,volume / average volume(20)}
add column volGain

set{volhi,count(volume reached 1 month high,1)}
add column volhi
add column av20

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1/4/2020 1:05:58 PM

dmewbourne, thank you for sharing.

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1/4/2020 3:46:00 PM

This filter goes short on 3x ETFs pretty nicely. The 6 trigger called the correction on TQQQ in Oct 2018 and the GUSH dip in April. Just an observation.

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