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7/14/2011 11:37:25 PM

"klynn" ...

Listen up, dufus!!!

YOU ... spent your first 3 to 6 months on these forums calling TRO dishonest and crooked ... because you were gullible enough to actually plunk down $ 500.00 to buy some worthless e-book !

I have yet to see you actually "contribute" ANYTHING to these forums in the way of scans or filters !

Correct me if I'm wrong ... but ... to my knowledge you have NEVER posted a filter !

That IS the purpose of this website !!!

Have you EVER actually posted anything of merit ... aside from calling TRO and Mark Crisp "crooks" ???

STFU ... and show some respect ... dufus !!!

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7/14/2011 11:46:50 PM

anytime i can get someone like you to post about TRO , i might cost him a sale, so rail on name caller , cute picture poster!
i contribute 9 dollars a month !

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7/14/2011 11:55:01 PM

... wanna buy an e-book ... fool ???



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7/15/2011 12:01:51 AM

you want mine, ill met you somewhere and give it to you!

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7/15/2011 1:40:51 AM

"There Is A Sucker Born Every Minute" !!!

~ P. T. Barnum ~


Think about it ... dufus !!!

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7/15/2011 8:33:15 AM

Quote, "Are you for real!!! please add me to your ignore list and stop bothering me."

Now that is funny. Nice one johnpaulca.

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7/15/2011 11:19:00 PM

Hey johnpaulca

I think I figured out which indicator you are manipulating, but I cannot figure out how you normalized the data on SF. Can you give me a hint. I would like to post my indicator on here without showing my code. Any help on that would be appreciated as well.

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7/23/2011 8:37:17 PM

Hey John

Is the MalakhiStrength part of the "Advanced Normalized Momentum Indicator" that is on trade station? If it is then I will just move over there for a while. The indicator you provided is the best witness to the indicator that I built.

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7/26/2011 1:20:46 PM

Oh No!!!

Everyone is putting johnpaulca on their ignore list. MalakhiStrength. What a joke.

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7/26/2011 2:28:00 PM've been here only for a short while, stop making a fool of yourself. This is why I wouldn't share anything with you...get a fricking life...idiot!!!

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