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3/17/2004 12:22:47 PM

We have added a new feature that automatically finds support and resistance lines. This will allow you to search for stocks that have either broken or testing these levels.

A couple examples showing how to use this new feature:

Fetcher[show stocks where high is below support(65,10,1)]

Fetcher[show stocks where close 1 day ago crossed above resistance(45,15,2)
and close is below resistance(45,15,2)
and resistance slope(45,15,2) is below 0

Fetcher[show stocks where high is less than 0.01% below resistance(65,10)
and resistance(65,10) is above 0

There are 3 parameters to the support and resistance feature. Below is an explanation of the parameters:

  • Period - Amount of time to search for support or resistance.
  • Min Distance - Minimum number of days required between two points making up support or resistance.
  • Open Period - Number of days at the end of the chart to allow for breaking of support or resistance.

    You can also access the support or resistance slope through the phrases support slope or resistance slope. The slope can further refine whether you want an increasing or decreasing line for the support or resistance.

    As with all new features, please let us know if you run into any bugs, have any questions, or would like to see any enhancements with this feature.

    Thank you, Support

  • PawelHc
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    3/17/2004 4:51:18 PM

    Question: how would you code for stockfetcher to give you stocks that have FLAT (0 slope ) support slope or resistance slope? Your response would be appreciated.

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    3/18/2004 8:40:03 AM


    Here is an example that may help:

    Fetcher[show stocks where close is below resistance(65,10)
    and resistance slope(65,10) is between -0.001 and 0.001
    and close is above 1

    Tom Support

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    3/18/2004 9:19:06 PM

    Thanks for your reply.

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    4/18/2004 1:33:42 PM

    Any way to have the resistance lines calculated from the close instead of the high, and the support lines calculated from the open instead of the low?

    As you may be aware, many technical analysts consider the top of the highest candlestick's body (for resistance) and the bottom of the lowest candlestick's body (for support) to be the more appropriate points through which to draw trendlines. The idea being that the tips of the shadows represent extremes rather than wider-based consensus points of support and resistance.


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    4/30/2004 3:22:23 PM

    Question: how would you code for stockfetcher to give you stocks that have FLAT (0 slope ) support slope or resistance slope and closed at high or low of day? Your response would be appreciated.
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    7/22/2004 3:54:07 AM

    How does SF determine Support and Resistance? In running the filter it is giving me a lot of stocks that are close to the lows or highs but not exactly or within 1%? Does SF include Gaps as support or resistance levels?

    When a match occurs and yesterdays support level is found within the parameters, (PERIOD, MIN-DISTANCE, & OPEN PERIOD), is it possible to return the volume on the day that was matched, x days ago so that it can be compared with yesterdays volume?

    Is there a way to draw the support and resistance lines for this filter? I don't want Fibonacci Retracement Lines.

    Thanks Michael

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    11/11/2004 9:26:03 AM

    Is it possible to apply support and resistance line to an indicator other than the price ? Thanks

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    12/8/2004 6:08:10 PM

    Is there a way you can define minimum # of touches on the trendline?

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    4/9/2006 2:01:16 AM

    How would someone code a stock where the close has a habit of fluctuating between support and resistance levels several times. Does this work for momentum trading or is this better tackled another way?
    For example... How would I find a stock where the close has tested support and resistance twice in the last 2 weeks?

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