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SF coding question on ETF trades    new!sandjco146/26/2017 8:47:57 PM
Interviews    new!four1726/26/2017 7:07:06 PM
Easiest way to find out what sector is surging that day?    new!pthomas21546/26/2017 10:15:33 AM
Request about filter formulaomrangassan36/23/2017 12:53:56 PM
T E S L A....short short short !!!pthomas21546/22/2017 11:18:58 PM
Vanguard etf equivalnetsPTE9716/21/2017 2:36:14 PM
How to write percentage in a columnredrobin86/19/2017 12:17:34 PM
Help with Filter Languageandremuhammad26/13/2017 11:17:37 PM
@Kevin - Which NN are you usinggmg733316/13/2017 4:22:09 PM
Support/Resistance and closing pricestamws36/9/2017 5:12:10 PM
problem with hammer one day ago with close today above close...hardjudge76/6/2017 10:42:15 PM
RSI (2) Diverence Scanibankcoin06/6/2017 10:27:35 PM
52 week high today or yesterdaySackymotto16/6/2017 1:22:28 PM
HIGH TIGHT FLAG STRATEGY!!!Sackymotto06/6/2017 2:26:08 AM
High tight flagsSackymotto06/5/2017 1:53:03 PM
Identify Gann numbersibankcoin16/4/2017 11:53:09 PM
I was wondering if anyone knows how to create a filter for a...Sackymotto26/2/2017 3:46:02 PM
Silly Questionbigsfd05/31/2017 3:18:53 PM
Undefined variable replacing defined variable with odd value...faraway25/30/2017 8:56:46 AM
Looking For Filter Coder.PROBABILITY15/30/2017 8:55:24 AM
fetch stocks with the 52 week high is at least twice the 52...cheukfong35/27/2017 7:30:32 PM
how to add 52 week high and 52 week low to my watchlist colu...cheukfong25/27/2017 2:02:32 PM
Opinions on option to protect gainfour55/27/2017 12:18:02 AM
Desperately need filter helpivycapman25/26/2017 3:13:32 PM
Pairtradefindermahkoh05/24/2017 3:09:28 PM
'Days ago' filter & resultsiq20005/24/2017 1:42:40 PM
scans that react to future conditionsttopta15/24/2017 8:45:14 AM
Interesting Book to read Daryl Guppy Trend tradingMactheriverrat1045/21/2017 11:52:55 PM
What I've Learned While TradingSFMc01225/21/2017 11:52:12 PM
Watcha been humming lately? Share ure favorite tunes...nikoschopen2195/19/2017 5:00:55 PM
Stratasearchtennisplayer255/19/2017 3:21:58 PM
What filters/methods are people having the most success with...DVMayfied05/18/2017 8:30:30 PM
Filter returning incorrect results... why?erikjanssen55/14/2017 10:31:01 PM
How to find stocks I "Buy" on the site?cdizzle217255/12/2017 11:18:20 PM
How would I make a filter to find stocks breaking old highs ...fender96705/12/2017 3:19:47 PM
Modify table columns after running filter?iq20035/12/2017 8:19:55 AM
Can you use same stock filters for Forex?jzuur1745/11/2017 1:25:55 PM
Best Resources for Beginnersdgkaufman65/10/2017 10:51:17 AM
Real Time Scannersdrand1125/7/2017 7:44:38 PM
Fixing Chart Results When In Historical Sectionmarine205/6/2017 3:31:18 PM
Establish a verified track record at no cost.four05/5/2017 7:01:54 PM
Immediate Market NewsSFMc0125/5/2017 5:24:09 PM
JohnPaulca - Now what have I done? .. !! (ToS)karennma55/5/2017 12:06:34 AM
Invert indicator?bigsfd35/4/2017 11:20:40 AM
Chart readjustment after split?scvidar15/2/2017 7:49:15 PM
Discuss: A Risk Free Options Trading Examplefour94/30/2017 11:19:05 PM
Discuss: Arbitrage Opportunityfour04/30/2017 9:36:47 AM
Elliott Wave Questionpthomas21524/28/2017 9:27:58 AM
TRO Crock Pot15minoffame44/22/2017 11:52:21 PM
SLOW SLOWdwiggains04/21/2017 11:50:59 AM
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